today's AMAZING TV AD : honda's "cog" 2 minute tv spot

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the inspiration is mount pinatubo when some years ago, all of a sudden, after decades of being dormant, it decided to erupt, spewing debris and ash several kilometers high, blowing ashes to float everywhere, far and wide, turning the skies gloomy gray as far away as metro manila, hundreds of kilometers away, covering metro manila streets and rooftops with thick ash. the pinatubo eruption was so powerful that its ashes changed the color of sunsets not only in the philippines but also worldwide.

that's what happens when clients and advertising agencies decide to run ads not worthy to be called advertising. its dark, its huge and very irritating and unfortunately, everywhere!

all they are doing is wawam! what a waste of advertising money!

here is a first row view of Philippine Advertising and Philippine Marketing.

mount pinatubo erupts shooting ashes several kilometers high, then floating to blanket many other towns hundreds of kilometers away

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Monday, March 24, 2008

truth in advertising : the miracle worker called photoshop

for marketing reasons unknown to man, alcoholic drinks in the philippines have followed what seems to be a tradition of printing calendars for the next year featuring scantily clad actresses. i doubt if it has any impact on brand building or if its able to sell more cases beacuse of the calendars but i think they do it just because its a tradition and they need to earn additional agency commissions before the year ends.

ginebra san miguel featured angelica panganiban for the 2007 calendar. unfortunately, someone leaked to the internet pictures of angelica during what appears to be a fitting session for the bikinis that she eventually wore during the actual photo shoot. more than that, an enterprising internet dude came up with side-by-side photos of angelica, showing her in all her swimsuit glory, a hilarious, yes, also pathetic display of the before and the after miracle of the photoshop for us to see what happened to truth in advertising.

i hope the ad agency fired the agency person who took angelica's pictures before the photoshop. and i hope ginebra fired the ad agency who did these calendars.


this is a classic DOUBLE WAWAM!

double click the pics to view much larger pics:

her fingers are saying something - she seems nervous. so that's how this beauty shows her nerves!

the two men behind angelica must be artists in the ad agency. my bet is they are measuring the length of the straps of the bikini top as they eventually replaced the yellow straps with see through plastic ones. those two men have such a great job!

behind angelica is probably angelica's assistant covering her back with what appears to be a small blanket. that makes us wonder what it is that angelica is covering with her hands on her behind, something the assistant was also trying to cover.

angelica surveying herself in this yellow number. disappointed? sad? thinking of the next weight reduction program she needs to take after the photo shoot?

kudos to the photoshop artist - brilliant work!


  1. It doesn't take a genius to see that this is a fraud -- the girl on the left is wearing a different swim suit in every shot. Similar, but not the same.

  2. it is the same girl. the swimsuits were adjusted and most likely some photoshop work done on them to make them look sleeker and sexier. they have done so much post prod work on the girl, what's doing a little bit more on the swimsuits?

  3. the highlights on all the curves and bumps onthe body of the model were all done by great computer work and one that is very expensive, many hours of hollywood type studio work.

  4. the highlights on all the curves and bumps onthe body of the model were all done by great computer work and one that is very expensive, many hours of hollywood type studio work.

  5. hahaha. bistado si angelica!

  6. Have to agree with the anonymous poster, looks more like you found some girl that vaguely looks like the model, stuck her in swimsuits similar to the ones in the shot and tried to make out like it was a before and after. In one of the comparisons she's not even wearing the swimsuit in the same fashion. If you could get your hands on what you seem to be "green room" photos of the model, why couldn't you get the untouched model shots?

    That's not to say the photos are heavily airbrushed. They definately are, but your attempt to prove it using what are clearly fake comparisons doesn't go anywhere towards backing up your case.

  7. the girl in those pics is one and the same. the bikinis are exactly the same. she is an actress in the philippines and she has in fact admitted she is the same girl in the before and after pics. it was a bit of controversy when the pics were revealed.

    the before pictures are shots taken in what you call a "costume fitting" session where the model and the ad agency choose what bikini she will wear in the actual shoot.

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  9. ingit lng kayo. msarap prin sya


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